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just punch me right in the face

hail gay satan
i decided my deviantart icon should match my username (glitchgoat)

i donno

it’s offensive to me on a base level that there are people that can charge $10 a pop for them to colour in a shitty pre-made lineart 20 times
i both fucking hate furries and want them to give me all their money


why is frozen still relevant i’m so tired of hearing about it lets talk about wreck it ralph instead which was better in every way 

St. Paul's Cathedral Choir - Eight Melodies
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Eight Melodies
St. Paul's Cathedral Choir

no lord save me i can’t handle the Eight Melodies in the SSB4 Magicant music it’s beautiful and perfect but why the fuck do they think any of this is appropriate as battle music


A summary of Earthbound


A summary of Earthbound


Literally no difference.


heck she’s just so much fun to draw