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there is a reason that my favorite, big impressive homestuck cosplays are the ones that don’t involve grey paint at all and, to those who know a bit less about the fandom, aren’t immediately ping-able as Homestuck
(Mayor, and the WIP Lord English and Bec Noir)

and it’s not just because i’m a big fat showoff either





No seriously though. I’m referring to the majority of the cosplayers there that blocked the ballroom, screamed during the meetups, smeared gray everywhere, and didn’t clean up after their mess. You guys made the rest of us look horrible, even when respectfully asked to discontinue your game of spin the bottle, you guys could not stop. Fantastic! So here’s how the non-homestucks on the Sacanime page have seen it. 

Now you could argue that “oh don’t pick on the Homestuck fandom, we’re nice :(((” No. You were the only ones that caused trouble during the con and the staff had given up on even trying to stop since you wouldn’t listen.

Prayers out there for the good Homestucks that were so badly represented though, I respect you guys, thanks for cleaning up the mess that the big part of the fandom left for us to pick up. Bless you all. 

Here’s a prime example of the problem with the Homestuck fandom as it currently is. I speak here as someone who is entrenched so deeply in Homestuck I doubt I’ll ever be able to not call myself a fan, so trust me, I understand that there are people who don’t go around making fools of themselves in the fandom. The issue with the Homestuck fandom as a whole is that there is such a large part of the fanbase that is composed of kids who range from thirteen years old to sixteen. I have nothing against kids of that age group—hell, I was one three years ago—but a lot of them still have a very long way to go when it comes to maturity.

The thing is, most of the characters in Homestuck are assholes in one way or another. At the very least, most of them behave like assholes at one time or another. As a Homestuck, I can say that in the comic itself they are mostly very loveable assholes who tend to redeem themselves at least enough so you can shrug and not be all that bothered by their behaviors. But to someone who is younger and has yet to mature enough to understand that the following train of thought is utter dreck, i.e., people who are thirteen to sixteen years old, if you’re cosplaying someone who kind of acts like an asshole, it must be totally okay to run around acting like a total asshole because of course you’re just acting in character. And sure, wanting to be in character isn’t necessarily a bad thing. But it’s all about how far you take it.

To the younger Homestucks who somehow miraculously manage to see this post, because I won’t even begin to pretend I have all that many followers to distribute this to any kind of larger audience, it’s incredibly important that you not take the canon behaviors of characters you’re cosplaying as an excuse to act in a way that is rude, offensive, or otherwise asinine, especially at cons. Be considerate of your fellow con-goers, clean up after yourselves, and if you accidentally smear body paint on someone, apologize profusely. (Better yet, seal your body paint properly. Youtube is one hell of a site.)

Again. Repeat after me. Cosplaying as an asshole is NOT an excuse to act like one. If you can remember that, you’ll have a much more positive experience in your Homestuck cosplay anywhere you go, whether it’s at a con or not. And so will everyone else.

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fashion goat commission for cass!

the outfits are tactical gear, punk-anarchist, cyberplant & casual






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what is the slaps drinking game


The SLAPS DRINKING GAME is a great game to play with your friends at a public establishment with lots of people around. It works like seven eleven doubles: you have two dice, and you go around in a circle, rolling in turns.

  • If you roll anything that’s NOT a seven, an eleven or doubles, you drink and pass the dice to the next player.
  • if the next player rolls the same thing you did, the two of you must SLAP EACH OTHER IN THE FACE. (no rings.)
  • If you roll a seven, an eleven or doubles, you get to select another person in the group and SLAP THEM IN THE FACE. (again no rings.) then you get to roll again.
  • if you roll a 7, 11 or doubles again, you get to point to two people in the group and make them slap each other. 
  • if you roll 7 11 or doubles 3x in a row, everyone in the group closes their eyes and you get to stalk around silently and slap someone by surprise. 
  • if you roll 7 11 or doubles 4x in a row, everyone in the group gets to slap you.

"How do you win?" EVERYBODY FUCKING WINS. "When is this game over?" NEVER. "Why is this fun?" I DON’T KNOW, ASK A NEUROSCIENTIST. 

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